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Tuesday, January 22, 2008


Most of us wish we could afford to buy more original art work to grace the walls and halls of our homes. Being surrounded by artists and art work every day in my profession ,working at an urban art center with a contemporary gallery ,is both stimulating and frustrating. I feel blessed to be surrounded by ever changing and evolving art work that inspires me but when the price tags go up with each exhibition opening my heart pines to buy something that is out of my financial league! The way I have come to resolve this angst is to curate a "mini-gallery" in many spaces of my home. This is easy, affordable and most of all fun and empowering. Find small works of art that are hand-made by you or a family member or friend, postcards of art work, great letter press or silk screened cards, vintage finds, favorite found objects, family photos, personal mementos, use all of these to create a visual display that is satisfying to you. I look at these vignettes every day and they give me joy and I change them regularly and that gives me variety and creativity. My MOMA is my favorite museum, certainly the most soulful and meaningful. This frees me up to enjoy the gallery exhibits and museum visits for the experiences they provide.
Happy curating!

Wednesday, January 16, 2008

This is why I rock!

Rocks hold a special place in my heart and my home. They were, for many years, the one memento I would collect from a place that I had traveled to, a town where I had formerly lived, or a favorite sacred spot that I wished to have a piece of with me. In the last several years it has occurred to me that collecting a rock may not be very earth friendly and I didn't just have a human right to do as I pleased. This is a good thing because I now don't have too many rocks that I don't have room for and I haven't robbed nature of her bounty having a greedy mindset. I am at peace with the balance.
Rocks have become an important design element in my home as a sacred circle or focal point that you come upon on a stair landing, giving the eye something to rest upon while you catch your breath, a rock that holds my place in my daily desk calendar which keeps me centered, a natural element in the shower, a sculpture on the side porch. All of these rocks have a memory with me and all have special significance in their placement. Intention. My daughter's friends always comment on our "rock collections" and it sparks their creativity and conversation that is fun to hear.
Rocks are solid,they feel good in my hand. I like that. Here are some views of how they find their way into my interiors.

Tuesday, January 15, 2008

My blog is born!

I marvel at yet another vehicle for creativity, the blog! A new way to view my life and times and share with family and friends. My children chuckle, "My mom has a blog!" I have arrived, I think. What does it all mean.?..............for me a place to share my creations, my interpretations of life, rooms, all things design oriented and sometimes good food, artistically presented, of course. Life is where the art is.
I have been busy motivating myself to allow more "art time" into my life to make room for that energy to build. Birds and magnets are what have come and here is a look at the final forms that were recently sold at an artists market and given as holiday gifts. The silver tree became the family Christmas tree this year, with birds, yes!