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Tuesday, January 15, 2008

My blog is born!

I marvel at yet another vehicle for creativity, the blog! A new way to view my life and times and share with family and friends. My children chuckle, "My mom has a blog!" I have arrived, I think. What does it all mean.?..............for me a place to share my creations, my interpretations of life, rooms, all things design oriented and sometimes good food, artistically presented, of course. Life is where the art is.
I have been busy motivating myself to allow more "art time" into my life to make room for that energy to build. Birds and magnets are what have come and here is a look at the final forms that were recently sold at an artists market and given as holiday gifts. The silver tree became the family Christmas tree this year, with birds, yes!


Beth said...

I am so proud to be one of your first to witness the birth of your blog. You're an inspiration.

Missy said...

What a treat to find an update ( DO rock!) when I connected to share your blog with Dennis. What lovely photos...keep it coming, sister (o: