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Saturday, March 19, 2011

House of Turquoise

I'm addicted to the color turquoise. It is the color that catches my eye and my breath, the Mediterranean, the dome of an Italian or Greek church, a robin's egg. I love the word turquoise, the way it looks and sounds. I'm not sure when this began but I think probably with my grandmother, my mother's mother, who loved her turquoise rings and jewelry as most grandmothers do their diamonds and pearls. She was a bit off the beaten path, an artist and designer in her own right. Turquoise has become a signature accent in my home and in my accessories and wardrobe. Just the other day I ordered a pair of turquoise wedges that look more like an upholstered chair or sofa that I'd love to have than a pair of shoes, but at $39 it's ok if I live with them and look at them and never wear them. I would love to paint a room turquoise or try this wallpaper from Anthropologie but I haven't mustered the courage to do so, yet. Maybe I need to channel some from my grandmother who would definitely have worn the shoes.
Here are some turquoise sightings around my home. An assemblage in turquoise including my favorite vintage brocade bag by designer Claudia Venon and knitted scarf by artist and Etsy fav
Jude Bond, My prize possession from childhood, a pair of my mother's custom made riding boots, My dear friend Amanda arriving for annual French Brunch adorned by my turquoise door and her turquoise shoes, Turquoise floral mugs by my potter friend Jeremy Ayers, A paper turquoise print star, Iconic turquoise Tiffany's jewelry box, and the inspiration of it all, a string of turquoise beads. Enjoy!

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