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Monday, March 21, 2011

Gentle Color

Gentle color, a term I read recently in an interiors magazine. I like this reference to color and also the use of gentle color in my own living spaces. I've always loved the well worn colors of old wall paper, posters peeling off a bulletin board from sun and rain, a cotton tapestry that has been washed and dried in the sun to reveal a faded gem, a former image of what it was but a subtler more beautiful print, ancient frescos and painted buildings of a European city street, faded jeans and driftwood. I love to see the use of vivid color in an interior, friends have homes with intense red entryways, cerulean blue kitchen cabinets, saturated yellow walls, I ooh and ahh and feel the vibrancy. I often wished that I could live with such color and even suspected that I simply lacked confidence in how to orchestrate bold color. But, in truth, I am at home and peace in my spaces that quietly invite a conversation between wood finishes, faded paint , fabrics and textiles, paintings inspired by nature and objects from nature. A quiet meditation.

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