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Sunday, March 13, 2011

Table Tableau Day 6

My dining room table is the center of the universe in my home. It serves as a place to gather for a delicious meal with family or friends and a creative work station.
This table came in to my life when I found it out on the street next to my house with a sign on it that said "free". For me it was like the Gods had dropped it from the sky and I was meant at that very moment to discover it and make it mine. I couldn't, in all good conscience, take that table and give nothing so I negotiated a price with my neighbor who wouldn't take more than $6 for it. So I paid her $6. It is small, or more appropriately, petite with gorgeous carved spindle legs on casters and a skirted top, both of which were originally married to other halves. I instantly fell in love. I knew immediately that I would paint it and all of the mismatched parts would unite to make a proper table. I moved it directly in to my studio at a time that I was beginning to make a space for myself not knowing that it would eventually become my dining table perfect for my own small living space. That table must have come to me for a reason to help me prepare for a major transition. It is adorned in one of my favorite colors, chartreuse green. My favorite times around this table are spent in joyous conversation with my two near grown children sharing good food and plenty of laughter.

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