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Sunday, March 6, 2011

Found Objects

I've finally come to accept the simple fact that I am an arranger of objects. This is what I do. This is what gives me great pleasure and quite possibly is the closest thing to church, a spiritual experience, that I can measure. An action that draws life energy through me, transcends time and place, immersed in the creative spirit.

I began arranging objects as a child, collecting treasures on walks in the woods, from yard sales and flea markets on Saturday mornings with my mother. I would spend hours in my room arranging and rearranging visual tableaux vivants , a world of my own, with joy and happiness. I've come full circle in immersing myself again in this childlike imaginitive play simply for the joy of it.

My project, to keep me focused and remembering the importance of doing what you love, no matter how seemingly insignificant:
365 days of visual tableau playing with arrangements of objects that inspire me.
One a day, like a vitamin, for good health.

Here I go.......

Day 1

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