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Sunday, March 27, 2011

Lovely Bones

The need to Spring clean came upon me like an expectant mother this weekend. Maybe it was just my determination to bring on Spring in a much needed way here in VT, or maybe it was my inner clock that is in rhythm with nature that knows it really is Spring no matter what the thermometer says (26). Believing with all my being that I could hasten Spring along I marched off to the market and gathered a few lovely natural cleaning supplies and aromatherapy mists to make the task all the more inviting. There is something sacred in the ritual of Spring cleaning, stripping one's interior environment down to the bare bones to start anew.  A blank canvas. This allows you to see once again what structure you have in creating a good foundation of furniture and fundamentals.  I honor those bones in this post, the furniture, accessories and every day objects that lay the foundation for the revolving and evolving assemblages and designs I create.

I began with removing winter fur throws and laundering chair and sofa covers.  This felt like shedding those layers of clothing and feeling your skin breathe on a warm Spring day.  I purchased new plush white bath towels and excavated white linen napkins from the bottom of my pantry, they too got a good washing and spritzing with lavender and lemongrass just in time for next weekend's annual Spring Brunch.  I bought fresh dried lavender in the bulk section of my local food coop, a handful in a bowl to christen the bathroom and some to bake in lemon cornmeal scones, or something fabulous from my favorite cooking blog, yum.  Note to self, purchase Heidi's new cookbook coming out April 5, Super Natural Every Day!

Cleaning is hard work, no matter how satisfying, and when you begin looking in every nook and cranny you get a little crazy and start cleaning glassware when what you really wanted to do is remove a spider web from your cupboard , so you have to stop and give yourself rewards along the way like this lovely gluten free buttermilk scone with my new favorite tea by Pukka Herbs.  They make amazing blends like this Chamomile and Vanilla and Three Ginger, my favorite with ginger, galangal and tumeric and you'll want the packaging as wallpaper, trust me.

Ok, now on to the bigger job of de-installing the bookshelf in my bedroom.  After washing it thoroughly with Dr. Bronner's lavender castile soap it felt clean and velvety and the room smelled amazing.  Going through books and old day planners I found bits and pieces of thoughts and letters to myself that read a year or two later make crystal clear sense with the perspective of time and growth.   I'll have to tackle the inside of the armoire another day.....I can't wait to finish the entire house and spritz the rooms with a lovely Energy and Air Cleanser mist by Vermont Wild Hill Soap and Herbals. 
Buddha and I are happy.

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