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Monday, March 7, 2011

Snow Day! Tableau Day 3

Today I awoke to 14" of fresh snow and a quiet hush at dawn with no traffic in sight. Simple peace. Better yet, a day off of work to stay home and play, no guilt, thank you Mayor Kiss!
After trudging through the back yard with snow well up over my knees to check on the gas vent, I retreated back to the warmth of the fire and my interior spaces that make me happy and serene. My internal environment is like a close friend to me, living with the objects, furniture and personal mementos that I love and seem to love me back,at least in the way they make me feel, a good exchange of energy. My small space reminds me that you don't need lots of square footage just loving attention to details, working with what you have. My focus today is on my open kitchen cupboard that needed spiffing up with arrangements that balance colors and textures. Sometimes there are hidden rewards in de-installing a space before changing it, like the chocolate bar that I found behind dishes that I hadn't used for a while!

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