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Thursday, March 17, 2011

Patina Tableau Day 7

I love objects with a history, time worn pieces that tell a story of those who came before or the weathered poetry of nature. I started out thinking that I would make a tableau of a table setting and then starting taking photos of things that were in my open dining room/living room. When I was finished and took stock of the photos I was compelled to find a unifying theme among them and then I realized that these three objects/arrangements were a simple trilogy in white, wood and worn metals, each with a beautiful patina. I love this passage by Crispin Sartwell from his book The Art of Living :Aesthetics of the Ordinary in World Spiritual Traditions, "So the patina is in part the emerging of the nature of the material: its self-expression. The way an object makes a patina is a Zen discipline, a long process or apprenticeship by which the object comes to be itself, or comes to settle into itself. The nature of the material emerges into visibility in its patina. Thus, we might think of patina as a kind of truth, or integrity, or honesty of an object: its surface reflects its depths: it expresses on its surface its real nature and history.

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