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Saturday, September 17, 2011

Finding one's way

Today I helped a snapping turtle find it's way to a home.  The turtle got lost, off her path, out of her habitat.  I saw the turtle coming directly toward me, to my front yard.  I happened to be home, off from work, or I would have missed this completely.  Circumstances in the turtles life redirected it, probably due to natural events of flooding after the heavy rains that we've been having.  I wanted to help that turtle back to her natural habitat or one that was suitable for her needs. Turtles also carry their temporary shelters/homes with them, how practical and self-responsible.  My neighbor, Meghan, came out to help and called her biologist husband and he sent a 'turtle gal' from the local university to lend a hand.   There were people willing to help, when she was in need, people were there.  Maybe she could have made it on her own, but maybe she trusted that all would be well.  We were there.  Corey was there with her turtle knowledge and no fear of picking her up and hoisting her in to her car.  The turtle seemed happy and compliant when she saw that she was being placed in a beautiful swamp near the lake.  That turtle was lost, she sat down and allowed others to help her, God helped her because we helped her.  She let go let GOD and she was miraculously home, with little effort.  I need to trust like the turtle.  Turtles are also a sign of longevity as a turtle can live over 100 years old or some species many hundreds of years old.  I have a hanging copper turtle that my sister gave to me as a blessing for long life, she hangs in my kitchen window.  I believe that this turtle came to me to give me a message.  I received it.  Only many hours after her visit did I realize how it aligns with my own life circumstances of feeling lost, all alone, needing to find a home.  Tonight, I'm going to curl up inside my shell, breathe, trust and wait on the grace of GOD.

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