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Friday, September 2, 2011

Renter Profile

With all of this stress, drama and jumping through hoops to try to be 'chosen' for an apartment in my fair little New England city,  I started to question "what would make me stand apart from all the other replies to apartment rental ads?" and what I've come up with is this, the Renter Profile page.  This is probably bordering on the issue of discrimination.  A landlord shouldn't choose a tenant based on what they look like, where they work, etc. but let's face it, landlords discriminate all the time.  If I really face it, I've been discriminated against three times in this search process already.  Once, after being told that I was 'perfect for the apartment and building', having fulfilled each requirement that the landlord stated, including looking for 'a quiet individual for a quiet building', I was turned down and he rented the space to a single dad with a four year old. That's certain to be a quiet building now.  No disrespect to young children, I've raised two myself.
  After that experience, months in to conversations with another landlord ,who said he would be happy to rent to such a great tenant, he informs me that he's getting a kick-back from the city to do lead removal renovations on the building and his restrictions included having to rent to a family with children under the age of six, not my situation.  Numerous other times with checkbook in hand, I've been told that I was 'third on the list, if the other two don't want it".  What are these landlords looking for?  It was even suggested to me by a friend that I may be too confident, a single woman on my own, capable and with great credit and references.  Too good a tenant I ask?  "Yes, some landlords want to help someone out, that makes them feel good".  Wow, my head is spinning.
Taking a break from the madness I'm creating this "Renter Profile" blog entry, so that I have a tool to sell myself further in this ridiculous journey of having to sell myself to a landlord, here goes......

This is me, this is what I look like, this is what I look like standing in front of a great old doorway of an apartment in Paris.  By the way, it was easier to find an apartment in Paris to rent this year than an apartment in Burlington, VT.  MMMMM, maybe I should move to Paris.

I work for this organization for the City of Burlington where I am Director of Visitor Services and lead school group tours educating children about contemporary art.  Our vision is to fuse a dynamic relationship between the arts and community, to nurture creativity and imagination, and to ignite a passion for learning through the arts.

This is my apartment and this is how I keep things......neat and tidy and a space that all of my friends tell me "feels good", calm and inviting.  That's not to say that I have lots of friends over, I'm sort of social, a few times a year I have a pot-luck.

This is my kitchen where I love to cook, bake and create nutritious meals

I love to garden and have a passion for flowers...I take fabulous care of my yard!

I have one well maintained and well behaved cat

I am peaceful, respectful, quiet and a great neighbor!

I am grateful for the amazing, light filled, affordable apartment that is on it's way to finding me!