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Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Living Small Living Large

Many months since my last post.  I've recently moved, second time in three years, and I've survived to tell the tale.  It's taken nearly two solid months to set-up home in my new space, a small 'microhaus', as I've affectionately named it.  In the last four years of my life I have downsized from a five bedroom, 2000 sq ft home in a desireable neighborhood, to a two bedroom duplex in a nice neighborhood, and now to a one bedroom duplex co-housing set-up in a lovely part of town on a dead end street. 

Life has changed, no doubt about it.  A true 'empty nester' now, save for the week or month visit with my college age children.  Waves of sadness surface as I realize my limitations as a single mother on a fixed income unable to provide the once coveted large family home with bedrooms preserved with my children's treasures, a place for them to return to while on college breaks, a place rich with family history for their children, my grandchildren to run about, share meals at the family table and listen to stories of their parents youth sitting at the very same table where their initials were carved, glitter still remaining from art projects. 

Wow, I stop and realize the image I've created in my own head, not to mention the run-on.  My parents sold our family home, the second of which we lived in as children, when I was of college age.  They downsized to a one bedroom loft cottage on a brook in a different town from where I grew up.  I went home to visit, as did my three sisters and brother, and adjusted to the new space and it took years of visits for it to feel like 'home' but being with my family always felt like home.  My daughter, home for holiday break, adjusts once again and makes her temporary bedroom in the living room, as I did when I was visiting my parents.  My son, living locally, visits several times a week for meals and catch-up time and I marveled at his skills with a drill as he hung all seven roller shades for the windows.  

Families make do.  I've designed a living room in our new space with a day bed lounge with pillows and we congregate there and watch movies, talk and laugh.  I realize that I need very little space to be happy.  As long as my space is clean and full of creative life that's every little happiness to me and I hope that my children agree.❤